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There are many reasons and occasions an external consultant makes more sense than hiring a person for a permanent role. You could require someone to cover a staff on maternity. Not just any body but someone experienced. You could require an alternative opinion on existing systems, way of how things are being done etc. Or you could be needing someone with the right experience to bring in new ideas, concepts or solutions, but does not need a permanent role for this.....

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Driven by Professionals

Engage professionals or talented individuals offering their services as freelancers for your projects in various industries and specialization

Made possible with Technology

Search our database of Consultants and freelancers, post advertisements of your projects, receive proposals for your projects, or search and bid for projects as consultant or freelancers, all made easy with the Technology we built into the platform.

Supported with Search Services

Putting together a team of consultants or freelancers to cater to a bigger project? Our professional head-hunters could help you do that. Contact us.

How it works

For companies, you just need to post an advertisement for your project or search for Consultants or Freelancers. For consultants and Freelancers, you just need to register and bid for projects. The rest? Leave it to the system.

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Complement your workforce

You could need an experienced senior professional to do an unbiased audit or review a project plan, or an experienced professional to cover someone on maternity, or a professional photographer for an event. The possibilities to engage a Consultant or Freelancer are endless.....

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  • 100%
  • 2-30+
    years of experience
  • 8,000+
  • 80+
    sectors covered
  • 68+

Putting together a team of Consultants and Freelancers

Engage our Search Consultant to help you put together a team for bigger project needs. Headhunting is part of our business. Leave the task to the experts

  • Saves Time
  • Unbeatable Rates
  • Search for a specific skill you need
  • Without Boundaries

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